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Top 10 Most Famous Male Country Singers In The World

Country music is never out of fashion. This genre of music has been prevailing from the very inception of the music in the foreign countries and it still has the charm of captivating a majority of people into its soothing beats and tunes. Everybody loves listening to country music. People grow up listening to their favorite artist and therefore these artists hold a strong fan-following of the music lovers.

Since this genre of music has a long history and foundation, there are many established male country singers in the English music industry today. These artists are actively recording their music and continuing to impress a number of people as a result of their strong voices and wonderful composition of music. If you are a country music lover, here are the top ten most famous male country singers that you should keep a check on.

10 Chris Stapleton


Chris Stapleton is a finely established 36-year old country singer from America. Apart from being a successful singer, he is also a famous rock musician, reputable songwriter and the Universal Music Group Nashville has currently signed him. Thus, the graph of his career has always been high. Some amazing compositions of Chris Stapleton include Love’s Gonna Make it Alright, Never Wanted Anything More and the Come Back Song. All these compositions went on the top of the Billboard charts. Stapleton has won three nominations of Grammy along with International Bluegrass Music Awards.

09 Thomas Rhett


Thomas Rhett is a popular country singer as well as a songwriter who hails from Georgia, US. At only twenty-five years of age, he has become an established songwriter who writes for himself. His sentimental style of writing the lyrics and further singing his songs never fail to impress the audiences at large.

Besides some amazing singing abilities, Thomas Rhett is also blessed with charming looks which have helped him attract a huge female fan following. His song Get Me Some has topped the Billboard chart for a long time. He is one successful country singer at such a young age.

08 Alan Jackson


Alan Jackson is best known for his ultimate blend of the mainstream as well as traditional music. This musician and songwriter from Georgia have won a number of accolades for his writing and singing skills. His successful record of musical career includes 85 Billboard hits out of which 35 of his compositions were ranked at No. 1 in the top ten list. As per the records, Alan Jackson has sold more than 80 million hit albums. He has been well awarded 2 Grammys, 16 CMA Awards as well as 17 ACM Awards. Apart from being a successful country singer, he is also a reputed member of the highly recognized Grand Ole Opry.

07 Luke Bryan


Top 10 Most Famous Male Country Singers In The WorldHe started off his career as a songwriter for some famous country artists like Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. In the year 2007, Luke Bryan happened to sign a music contract in Nashville Tennessee with Capitol Music. Ever since his contract with the company, he has been enjoying a successful music career.

His debut album was already a big hit. Some of his amazing compositions include Rain is a Good Thing and Someone Else Calling You Baby. He has been a holder of the Country Music Award and has also received an Academy of the Country Music Awards. He is a native of the United States of America.

06 Clint Black


On number 6th of this list is Clint Black who has won a number of hearts as a result of his strong and powerful voice. Apart from being a strong singer, Black is also a successful songwriter, a fine occasional writer as well as a renowned record producer in the US. He is a native of New Jersey, United States of America. He debuted in the year 1989 with his album Killin’ Time and since then he has won a million hearts. Today, he has founded his own record label by the name of Equity Music Group.

05 Tim McGraw


He is known for his hot looks, dashing personality and an amazing voice. Tim McGraw is one skilled artist who has given thirteen highly earned studio albums to the English Music Industry. Out of his 13 albums, 10 of his albums have been at number one on the Top Country Album charts.

He has achieved a fine record in the music industry and 25 of his 50 total singles have been charted at number one on various charts. Tim McGraw has also been awarded a number of awards. He is a recipient of 3 People’s Choice Awards, 114 Academy of Music Awards, 3 Grammy Awards and 11 Country Music Association Awards.

04 Garth Brooks


Garth Brooks hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. His debut album known as Garth Brooks was released in the year 1989 made him the star of country music. His first composition Much too Young too received an international acclaim and was ranked at number 8 on the Billboard Charts in the very same year.

Since his very first album, his skills of voice and integration of different rock elements have aided him to attract a lot of fame. Garth Brooks is the owner of a number of prestigious awards some of which include 2 Grammys, 17 American Music Awards and RIAA Award for the Best Selling Solo Album.

03 Randy Travis


He was born in Marshville, North Carolina in the United States and devoted himself in the genre of country music since the year 1978. Randy Travis has today survived for 34 years in the music industry and has given over 50 successful singles that are also charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart of the United States. He has sold over 22 million records worldwide and has enjoyed a great commercial success. He has composed some amazing music that has stolen a heart of the millions. Randy Travis has a strong fan following today. He has won a number of awards – 10 AMA Awards, 7 Dove Awards as well as 6 Grammy Awards.

02 Charlie Pride


At number 2 on this list is Charlie Frank Pride who is one of the most popular and skillful country singers in the English Music Industry. He is also considered as a strong and an influential black country music singer who has been an inspiration for all since he has made a fine position for himself in the field that was earlier dominated by the whites. Apart from being a successful singer, Charlie Pride is also a successful businessman, an amazing performer as well as one of the three Afro-American Singers who are the members of the renowned of the Grand Ole Opry. Presently, he is 76-years old and his compositions are famous worldwide.

01 Kenny Rogers


He is the most popular male country singer the English Music Industry has today. Kenny Rogers hails from Houston, United States. Apart from being an established country singer, Rogers is a successful entrepreneur as well as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has sold over 100 million copies of his albums internationally and has achieved several laurels some of which include a number of Grammy Awards, ACM Awards, AMA Awards, CMA Awards and a number of other awards as well.

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