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Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World

Security and Special Forces are very important for the defense of a country. These Best Special Forces are given a very good training as they have to undergo secret and important missions that may be related to the army, military or political. The history of these Special Forces started during the Second World War when these forces showed great zeal and won the war against the enemy. So let’s revise the list of the top ten special forces in the world 2018.

10 – Marcos, India

This force was made in 1987 by the Indian Navy Forces. This is a special force which was created for resolving special operations, so every soldier is always ready to protect his country against any problem or danger.

09 – GIS, Italy

It’s a very efficient force whose main task is to carry out dangerous tasks like terrorism which can attack any part of the country. It was created by the Italian police in 1978, and this force always remains in contact with the army of the country.

08 – EKO Cobra, Austria

This special force was created in 1978 to protect the country against some serious issues like the terrorist attacks. This is a very special and efficient force created mainly to protect the country against all dangers.

07 – Kommando Spezialkräfte

Organised by the Rapid Forces Division of Germany the soldiers of this force are handpicked by the German Army. They are selected by their expertise.This is enough reason for it to be in the list of the top ten best special forces in the world.

06 – Delta Force, United States

This force was first approved in 1997 after some terrorist attacks. It is the best and one of the most secretive forces of the United States. This force is designed after the British Special Force SAS.

05 – JW GROM, Poland

Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World

The JW GROM, Poland’s Elite Special Force was officially activated in 1990.GROM is one of the five of Poland’s special operation force units. They are trained to respond to a variety of threats and unconventional war roles.

04 – GIGN, France

Formed in Munich in 1971 this is a special operations unit. The unit is trained to perform counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations in France. The GIGN is renowned for its timely operations and swift combat capability.

03 – SSG, Pakistan

The SSG is a special operations force of the Pakistan Army and is quite similar to the United States Special Forces and the United Kingdom’s SAS. The unit was created in 1956 and is also known as the’ Black Storks.’

02 -Navy SEALS, United States

The Navy SEALS are the male members of the United States Navy and are one of the United State’s most special, elite warfare combatants.

01 – SAS, United Kingdom

One of the best Special Forces in the United Kingdom SAS was created in 1941 during the Second World War. This particular force unit is considered to be a role model for the world. Its primary task is to fight counterterrorism during peace time and special combat operations during the war.

Best Special Forces in the World 2017

  1. SAS, United Kingdom
  2. Navy SEALS, United States
  3. SSG, Pakistan
  4. GIGN, France
  5. JW GROM, Poland
  6. Delta Force, United States
  7. Kommando Spezialkrafte
  8. EKO Cobra, Austria
  9. GIS, Italy
  10. Marcos, India
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